Developing and realizing oneself requires change and transformation based on mindful and effective learning processes facilitated by mindful and effective teaching.


MEL-MET vision

Learning is the foundation of existence, for the development of individuals and organizations.

In this age, to know how to quickly and continuously acquire new knowledge and to know how to share it with others has become a necessity for personal and professional fulfilment. Developing and implementing oneself requires change and transformation based on learning processes. We therefore believe, today more than ever, in the importance of promoting and enhancing the culture of “lifelong learning”, and of enhancing and fostering the learning skills of individuals.

Every human being has the potential to learn effectively. We believe that effective learning is based on the development of awareness, self-regulation skills, motivation and the use of effective study strategies. We called this type of learning MEL or Mindful Effective Learning.

Effective learning processes can be facilitated by effective teachers who beyond promoting quality learning, develop their awareness and safeguard their passion and motivation for teaching as well as their psychological well-being. We called this type of teaching MET (Mindful Effective Teaching).







We aim to promote, to develop and to facilitate mindful and effective learning and mindful and effective teaching in every learning context.


MEL-MET mission

We aim to promote ME learning and teaching in academic and scholastic contexts, in organizational and business contexts, in sporting contexts and more generally in people’s personal and professional lives. We want to foster awareness, self-regulation and the use of study strategies in those who learn and awareness, presence, listening skills and the use of teaching techniques in those who teach.

We aim to promote the dissemination of a learning culture that shares the characteristics of MEL and MET such as awareness and presence, self-regulation and self-directionality, personal growth and psychological well-being, research and deepening of knowledge, sharing of knowledge, empathy and listening.

We aim to spread the meditative mindfulness practice to those who learn and those who teach and also propose its integration in the activities carried out in the training contexts in which they operate.

We aim to promote coaching and mindfulness-based coaching to teachers and trainers.