Mindfulness (-based)

Mindfulness for MEL

Mindfulness in educational contexts improves self-regulation, self-efficacy, attentive skills, positive emotion and empathy, cognitive and metacognitive performance while decreasing stress, anxiety and depression. Mindfulness can be introduced in coaching settings to enhance the effects of coaching on motivation, goal setting and the achievement skills of the clients. read more


Group as an opportunity

Group coaching, in addition to the individual setting, introduces a sharing process that cultivates insights and understanding. Participants take advantage of other group members’ experiences to attain personal growth. Moreover, the group creates a safe space where participants can speak openly without concern for judgment, within which the process of introspective individual awareness is triggered. read more


Coaching for MEL

Coaching can stimulate motivation and self-efficacy , promote the achievement of goals and maximize students’ academic potential. Coaching trains students to move through a goal-oriented self-regulated cycle, which consists of a series of processes such as setting a goal, developing a plan of action, beginning this action, monitoring performance, evaluating performance, and based on this evaluation, changing the action. read more