The MEL-MET project



The MEL-MET project
The MEL-MET Association aims to implement projects that aim to promote, disseminate and develop the quality of learning and teaching. Due to its recent establishment, the primary purpose is to promote the proposed courses and develop a community and network around the MEL-MET themes, and, in the medium term, to develop research and editorial projects and to create educational tools for the facilitation of MET.




MEL Courses

We offer a Group course and an individual course in order to learn how to learn in a conscious and effective way (ME) adapted for all those who want to improve their learning skills, reach their training goals and realize their potential. 

Test Preparation Course is suitable for those who have to take a test or an exam and want to manage their emotional load.

A Vocational course aimed at those who want to identify their vocation in line with the choice of an adequate training path.

MET Courses

The Group course and the individual course useful for the development of a mindful and effective way of teaching (ME) is suited for anyone who would like to teach effectively, safeguarding their psychological well-being and their motivation for the teaching mission.

Course for MEL facilitators

The MEL facilitator course is a pathway that trains MEL learning facilitators. The acquired skills can be integrated into an existing professional profile or outline a new one as a facilitator of learning.

The course issues a MEL facilitator certificate which is not currently accredited at a istitutional level. The MEL-MET Association has, as its mission, the accreditation of this certificate.

The MEL-MET Association needs to create a network of facilitators in order to spread MEL amongst learning contexts.




Community and Network

A community of ME learners and ME teachers.

A network of institutions in favor of the development of MEL and MET.


Events and meetings on the topics of MEL and MET.

Seminars and meetings to spread the meditative mindfulness practice addressed to learners and those who teach.

Seminars and meetings to promote coaching and mindfulness-based coaching within training contexts.





Scientific research that investigates and verifies the effectiveness of MEL and MET, therefore addressing the intersection between the psychology of learning and teaching, meditative practices, the psychology of coaching, and of neuroscience.


Publications of a divulgative nature and scientific publications dealing with the typical themes of MEL and MET.




Didactic tools

Tools and software applications for those who learn and teach.